Námskeið: Undirbúningur fyrir pörun hunda, got og umönnun hvolpa


Dagsetning: Helgin 13-14. maí 2023
Staðsetning: Lágafellsskóli, Mosfellsbær
Verð: 35.000kr – skráningarfrestur 15. apríl kl. 23:59, eftir það kostar námskeiðið 42.000kr
FB Event: Hér
Skráning: Hér

Um námskeiðið

The seminar will go into the canine reproductive system, the basics of breeding, whelping, and care of both dam and puppies after whelp.

Myra starts the seminar with the stud dog; how to enhance his sperm count, number of sperm in different breeds, how to prepare him for breeding, etc. Then she’ll move to the same kind of things in the bitch. Next is the whelping, where Myra will go into different things that breeders can do to help their bitches to free whelp, how to assist if needed, to get her to stay in whelp, deliver healthy puppies, and how to care for the dam post delivery.

Lastly, Myra will go into puppy resuscitation, and basic puppy care, along with teaching you how to set up a puppy intensive care unit at home and deliver the support that sick puppies need. You will learn techniques to keep your puppy losses to a minimum.

Um Myru Savant Harris

Myra Savant-Harris is a dog breeder, registered nurse, and author with many years of experience working in labor & delivery and neonatal ICU. Along with her interest in genetic research and experience in dog breeding, she brings a wealth of knowledge and techniques to help you in your breeding program.

She also is a sought-after and highly informative, entertaining speaker who had published several books.

  • Advanced Canine Reproduction and Puppy Care
  • Puppy Intensive Care
  • Canine Reproduction and Whelping